Wearing your baby is wonderful, it makes you feel good, you can tell your baby likes being on you. But it seems to drag on your shoulders in an uncomfortable way. And baby seems sort of slumped over.

Many people find that they follow the instructions for getting their baby into the carrier but it never feels quite right. This is often because the carrier has not been tightened enough. Your baby should be tight and snug up against your chest with no way for her to slip out of the fantastic position you settled her into. When your carrier is tight enough you should not be able to insert your hand between yourself and your child.

A properly tightened and positioned carrier will mould perfectly around your child’s back and fully support the spine in its optimal C-shaped curve. It will distribute the weight for the wearer in the best possible way.

After you have tightened the carrier as far as you can,  give the baby a slight bounce to find the slack and then tighten one more time. There is almost always more slack to give.

If you are using a wrap, ring sling, or mei tai with wrap straps you will need to ensure that you tighten strand by strand so that one edge is not tighter than the other. try to think of your wrap as being in three parts and tighten first the bottom rail, then the middle rail and finally the top rail.

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