International Babywearing Week

This year the theme of International Babywearing Week is Embrace Your World.

At Babywearing Education Australia we would like to wish you a very happy week of embracing your family, love, culture, community and more. We would like to acknowledge the work of the educators, the group admins, the retailers and manufacturers and distributors in making this a wonderful celebration of all things babywearing and in supporting the families of Australia on their individual journeys.

We would especially  like to thank everyone who has helped to provide women and babies in Australian detention centres with baby carriers. Babies in Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin have been gifted beautiful carriers thanks to donations and support from Ankalia, Babes in Arms, Carry My Baby and individuals and organisations around Australia. Our box of brand new carriers has just arrived in Nauru and babies there will soon be able to be safely and comfortably held by the parents who are working to provided the best for their children12107225_989287777759770_4593051470941593653_n. We are so glad to have been able to connect with people to make this happen. I am sharing the email I received today so that you can all see what we have achieved (so far) together.

Using a sling or carrier or a piece of fabric to hold a baby close is not a new parenting trend. It is not a style. Parents for millennia, across the globe have faced the same concerns when presented with a small baby. While some cultures are re-discovering babywearing other communities never stopped. As we celebrate babywearing it behoves us to acknowledge the many differing styles, experiences and cultural expectations that are brought to the practice.

This week as we wear our babies and promote the practice of holding our children close to us I am asking you to nominate an organisation or charity that you would like us to reach out to to provide carriers and babywearing education and support. Please nominate in the comments with as much information as possible about what you think we can do. Please provide a link where possible, to enable us to reach out after the week is over.

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