For all babies

All babies need to be held, and all caregivers need to find a way to meet their baby’s needs while simultaneously managing other aspects of their lives.

The media likes to portray parenting choices and styles as being in opposition to each other. Formula VS Breastfeeding, Working VS stay at home. In reality theoh snapT majority of parents and caregivers utilise the different options available to them as they navigate their individual journeys.

Last week channel 10 ran a story about attachment parenting. The conclusion was that parents (mothers) who use a carrier to hold their baby while they shop, eat, work or socialise are hurting themselves and potentially their children.

Babywearing and using a carrier as a tool to parent effectively is not a fad or trend. It is not for attachment parents or breastfeeding mothers only. It is for everyone. Every caregiver, parent, mother. Every baby.

Using a carrier to hold a baby close to the body, whether for five minutes because it is convenient, or for a majority the day because that feels right for the individuals involved should be celebrated. When a caregiver is supported in their role by the community around them and welcomed with their baby in the places they have always spent time the whole of society benefits.

Let’s celebrate our babies, our families and support everyone to use a carrier as they choose.

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