For all babies

All babies need to be held, and all caregivers need to find a way to meet their baby’s needs while simultaneously managing other aspects of their lives. The media likes to portray parenting choices and styles as being in opposition to each other. Formula VS Breastfeeding, Working VS stay at home. In reality the majority […]

Carriers for refugees

A couple of days ago my Facebook feed, like that of many others, was filled with photo after photo of a dead child. Like so many other children and adults fleeing war torn countries, little Aylan is dead. He will not grow older, learn to read, ride a bike or just blow out 4 candles […]

Touch your baby, shape her future

A retrospective on the Australian Babywearing Conference 2015 by Steph de Silva, PhD. It was described as “A Festival of Babywearing”, but the Australian Babywearing Conference was more than that. It was a discussion on shaping our children’s futures through the power of touch. The conference was hosted by Adelaide Baby Wearers Incorporated and the organizing […]

Safe Space to Sleep

Last month the Australian Government sent an Australian born baby and her family to Nauru detention centre, reminding all Australians that our policy is now to not only deny a safe haven for those who arrive uninvited by boat, but also to deny a home to babies born here to women seeking asylum. The team […]


Wearing your baby is wonderful, it makes you feel good, you can tell your baby likes being on you. But it seems to drag on your shoulders in an uncomfortable way. And baby seems sort of slumped over. Many people find that they follow the instructions for getting their baby into the carrier but it […]

Why Do We Wear Our Babies?

  Babywearing is simply the time-honoured art of carrying a young child or infant in a piece of cloth or purpose-made carrier. Babywearing has experienced a resurgence in the western world in recent years. A millennia of tradition has been rediscovered with mothers and other caregivers embracing this tradition. There are many reasons to use […]

In View

The most important rule to remember when looking after a new baby is that they need to be able to breathe. Sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? But it is so easy to take it for granted that your baby is breathing and will continue to do so. Small babies (under about 4 months) have very […]